The Where RA Now podcast is dedicated to finding where the former Resident Assistants (RAs) of New York University have gone since their days assisting students at NYU and what skills they still utilize from their training as an RA. As the Executive Producer of the podcast, I wanted to do a huge re brand to better represent the content of the show. 
Therefore, I made the logo a little more playful and stuck to the same color scheme so that people could still identify it. I also kept the mic in the design as a memento to the previous logo. Overall, the logo is a lot easier to use for marketing and is a lot more modern!
I also created a website to help connect RAs with Alum! I used Webflowto design it as well as coding in some of my own parts as well using HTML. I designed the website to match the branding of the logo, meaning I kept the same color scheme and vibe throughout. I also wanted to focus a lot on making the website interactive so that RAs and Alum would enjoy checking it out. The website is responsive to all screen sizes!! Below is a graphic I created that was sent out to over 4,000 RAs and Alum about the uses of the website!
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