This is a portrait animation of the NYC Subway 6 line from 23rd Street to Astor Place! Since I use the subway about 4 times a day, I thought it would be a perfect portrait piece. I really wanted to stay true to the colors of the subway as well as the look and feel of it. I also wanted to capture the essence of one of New York's iconic experiences in a 2D environment. So, I created this animation in hopes of putting a new twist on a well-known NYC landmark.
To create this animation, I used Illustrator to create the vector pieces and the backgrounds. I then also used After Effects to animate a lot of the bigger parts like the subway approaching the station and the blinking sign. Whereas I used Animate to rotoscope the swiping of the metro-card and the turning of the turnstile. I also recorded the sounds from the video on my trips on the subway or from I used my phone to record the sound and edited it in Reaper and put the sound and video together in Premiere Pro!
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